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Izmir Hisar Dekorasyon is excited to share its knowledge and experience with its valuable customers during its production over 15 years. Our company, which has expert staff who produce decoration and decoration works since the day it was founded, is engaged in kitchen, bathroom, especially complex home improvement office, store and office decorating works.

Despite being a medium-sized enterprise, it has been renowned in the decoration sector in a short time thanks to the importance given to quality and the achievement of the necessity since the first time it was established and never gave up its principles. The firm’s unchanging principles have always been quality, service, timely delivery and reasonable pricing. Izmir fortress decoration works with the principle of honesty and quality in the service of success and continuity in production will continue to serve you today and in the future by thanking you for your close interest and support.


Electrical Work

We work with your professional team to do all kinds of electrical work for your home, office or workplace. We offer to you our valuable customers in all kinds of repair, maintenance, electrical installation, lighting, interior and exterior electrical works and design electric light systems.

Bathroom Renovation Works

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of our home. The bathroom should be spacious and bright as it is the place where we start the sun. We make spacious and spacious bathroom designs for you to make the best beginnings. With the deep designs we will do with small bathrooms

Kitchen Renovation Works

If you want to make eye-catching changes in the kitchen of your home or office, as İzmir Hisar Dekorasyon firması we try to give you the best quality service. We make a common project drawing by sharing everything you want to change in the kitchen of your home or office with our professional team.

Gypsum and Paint Works

We do our decorative work, decorative paintwork, gypsum plaster and all renovations in a self-sacrificing and careful manner with our qualified and qualified team in the direction of your house, work place or office. We continue to serve you with our affordable prices and quality

Our Process

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  • Step 3

Decoration Discovery and Measurement; A list of the measurements taken and the materials required are issued. Which brands to use is determined.

Computer Design and Drawing; Model and color and material selections are made. After the drawing is done on the computer according to the structure of the house and the concept, a layout plan is made. It will be applied to the application stage in a way that will be useful and aesthetic in the direction of your wishes.

“NOTE: We assume that your house is undergoing complex renovations.”

Breaking Bath and Kitchen Tiles and Dismantling Old Materials; This phase is a bit tiring and dirty. Your home is provided with a simple skeleton so that the materials to be applied later can be strong and durable. It is usually applied for kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

Renovation of Bathroom Kitchen Water and Heating System; To overcome the water and heating installation, the walls have to be demolished and the new clean and dirty water needs to be buried in the walls and floor.

Renewal of Electrical Installation; When the electric lines are drawn, the existing old cables are removed and the newly drawn lines are buried together with the cable pipes in the wall.

Pimapen Changing of the timbers and the renovation of the marbles; Pimapen jambs can be applied at the same time with electricity and water installation processes. Your existing old snows are removed and replaced with new pimapens. The addition of marbles and the addition of moldings to the edges of the pimapenes will add depth to your house.

Bathroom and Kitchen Ceramic Tiles Laying; After the tile breaking process, your walls are plastered with black plaster and the selected ceramic models are laid in accordance with the bath concept. After the ceramics bonding process, it is expected to dry for 1 day and then the ceramic filler is terminated by drawing the joint filling of the tiles.

Construction of Paint Whitewash and Plasterboards; The structure of your walls must be fixed before painting the house. The cracks and plaster must be removed. Especially if you want to make satin paint for your house, you should apply satin plastering to all the walls and remove them with roughness. However, if a ceiling or border is to be made of a papier mache, the final coat must be made before painting. After these operations are done, the final coat is shot in the determined colors.

Change of Room Doors; The room doors can be made as American panel door or wooden door according to the model you specify. However, after all painting operations are done, doors must be installed so that the doors of the room are not dirty and damaged.

Installation of kitchen cabinet and granite countertop; Kitchen cabinets manufactured according to pre-determined measurements, cabinets are assembled according to the shape of your kitchen cabinets and cover settings are made. Then the selected granite marble countertop is placed on the kitchen cupboard and assembled. After this process, the sink sinks to the sink, the faucet battery and dishwasher taps are mounted and placed in their places. Then the electric socket is connected with the last cooker and the kitchen is ready for use.

Bathroom Accessories Installation; After the canyon tiles are paved, the installation of all bathroom accessories is passed. Closet, bath cabinet, shower cabin, towel, culverts and faucet are fitted.

Installation of electrical outlets and bellows; Your home is fitted with all electrical outlets and switches. Assemblies are installed.

Laminate Flooring; The last parquet pattern is laid on the floor of the house and the decoration and modification process is terminated.



İzmir fortress decoration is excited to share its knowledge and experience with its valuable customers during its production over 15 years. Since the day it was founded, our company, which has expert staff in production of decoration and decoration, is doing complex house renovation office, store and office decorating works.

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