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Carpentry and Wood Works

The wooden board with a rough wood is the main material of the objects we use almost everywhere in our home. The workmanship of the wooden material, which is quite stylish and bohemian, also requires mastery. We are doing all kinds of carpentry works as Izmir fortress decoration company together with our competent experts. We do woodworking of all objects such as coffee table, drawer, vase, keri conservation,

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Kitchen Renovation Works

If you want to make eye-catching changes in the kitchen of your home or office, as İzmir Hisar Dekorasyon firması we try to give you the best quality service. We make a common project drawing by sharing everything you want to change in the kitchen of your home or office with our professional team. We offer you the most stylish kitchens by designing many areas such as countertops, tiles, lighting, sinks and kitchen cabinets.

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Road and Ground Arrangement

While we make exterior designs, we also serve our valuable customers. In our outdoor design, which we refer to as road and floor arrangement, we will continue to work diligently with our professional team according to your request and deliver it as soon as possible. We use upholstery and coatings in the groundwork of your outdoors and your interiors. We use more stone carvings in the outdoors to lay the ground.

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Bathroom Renovation Works

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of our home. The bathroom should be spacious and bright as it is the place where we start the sun. We make spacious and spacious bathroom designs for you to make the best beginnings. With the deep designs we will do with small bathrooms, your bathrooms will now have a spacious and spacious look. We do all the bathroom renovation work you want to do

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Electrical Work

We work with your professional team to do all kinds of electrical work for your home, office or workplace. We offer to you our valuable customers in all kinds of repair, maintenance, electrical installation, lighting, interior and exterior electrical works and design electric light systems. You can contact us instantly at any disruption in your home. As a decoration company of Izmir fortress, it is our priority to provide customer.

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Flooring and Coating

Izmir Hisar Dekorasyon company, we make all kinds of floors more useful with floor coverings and coverings. With quality and modern coatings you can add different air to the applied space. We use the most durable material we call PVC in our floor coverings. Besides PVC floor covering we also use other materials. Epoxy flooring, baby flooring, plastic flooring, and other coatings we use in glass and wooden tiles.

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Steel Construction

Steel construction systems are generally called steel construction systems, in which the entire conveyor system is produced from steel material, which is generally preferred in earthquake zones, with large openings and heights. In İzmir Hisar Dekorasyon we present to you our building system which is used more frequently in factory buildings, hangars, sports facilities, warehouses and steel construction workshops.

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Roof and Groove Work

Our professional team will make first discoveries of your houses, your work places, your villa and all kinds of roofing work, and decide what type of workmanship should be used and how to make repairs on your roof. We offer our roof and gutter work proposals to you, our esteemed customers, and we take care of all your existing problems in your roof. After our work, we eliminate the possibilities of possible

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Wall and Ceiling Work

Izmir Hisar Dekorasyon firm, we provide all kinds of wall and ceiling works to our valued customers. With our indoor and outdoor ceiling applications, we use quality materials to make your ceilings look stylish and resistant to moisture, water and external influences. We are shaping our ceiling systems according to your wishes and dreams. We offer ceiling systems like metal suspended ceiling, suspended ceiling,

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Insulation Works

Insulation is made to protect the entities inside your building against the heat, the cold, the nausea, the water, and the water. Protection of buildings from external factors can only be achieved by insulation. With thermal insulation, you can extend the life of your buildings and provide people with healthy prosperity and peaceful spaces. You can also support insulation with mantle applications. Benefits of mantling application

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Door and Balcony Works

The place we spend the most time in our home, even summer days, is without question the balconies. If you are bored with balconies, you will make your balconies. With the decoration designs, your balconies will become more livable. Your balconies add new aesthetics to your balconies by working and exterior paintings, wall coverings, ceiling systems, lighting systems, tile flooring, floor coverings, balustrades, glass coverings.

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Gypsum and Paint Works

We do our decorative work, decorative paintwork, gypsum plaster and all renovations in a self-sacrificing and careful manner with our qualified and qualified team in the direction of your house, work place or office. We continue to serve you with our affordable prices and quality workmanship so that your home, office or workplace is as colorful as you imagine it to be. As İzmir fortress decoration company, we make our living spaces

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İzmir fortress decoration is excited to share its knowledge and experience with its valuable customers during its production over 15 years. Since the day it was founded, our company, which has expert staff in production of decoration and decoration, is doing complex house renovation office, store and office decorating works.

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