Electrical Work

We work with your professional team to do all kinds of electrical work for your home, office or workplace. We offer to you our valuable customers in all kinds of repair, maintenance, electrical installation, lighting, interior and exterior electrical works and design electric light systems. You can contact us instantly at any disruption in your home. As a decoration company of İzmir fortress, it is our priority to provide customer satisfaction. We are always ready to serve you with our experienced and expert colleagues to provide the best service to our customers. If you want to install a design electrical system in your house, you can contact us. Our professional friends in the field draws design projects for you and offers to your liking. Our experienced team is dedicated to electrical work and works cleanly for customer satisfaction.

We produce the most appropriate solutions according to the needs of our valued customers, delivering your electric jobs on time, using the best quality materials and quality workmanship. Our team is adopted as an organization of our work. We want to focus on our long-term customer satisfaction in the professionalism line and always take the better step by providing confidential trust between you and our valued customers.

We draw projects with customer-oriented service understanding, taking care of your ideas. We follow the latest developments of the fast world with technology and always provide modern service. we come to your home, your office or your place of business with a dynamic young cadres who follow and implement all innovations as closely as possible. You can share your dreams by communicating with us for electricity jobs and we can pass on your dreams with pleasure!


İzmir fortress decoration is excited to share its knowledge and experience with its valuable customers during its production over 15 years. Since the day it was founded, our company, which has expert staff in production of decoration and decoration, is doing complex house renovation office, store and office decorating works.

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