Steel Construction

Steel construction systems are generally called steel construction systems, in which the entire conveyor system is produced from steel material, which is generally preferred in earthquake zones, with large openings and heights. In Izmir Hisar Dekorasyon we present to you our building system which is used more frequently in factory buildings, hangars, sports facilities, warehouses and steel construction workshops. If you want to continue your life in a safer way, we can change your ways or make new ones by contacting us from your contact numbers.

The steel construction building system, which is more preferred today than ever, and which is increasing in demand every passing day, has been very popular in our country in recent years. Our steel structure construction system is presented to our professional team with its mechanical properties, static abilities and application easiness compared to other steel conveying systems. Steel construction is rapidly spreading all over the world and our country with its safe structure and being fast and economical. We are dedicated and professional team to help you survive in a safer way. If you want to set up the building system, we can communicate with you and we can pass on your wishes with our projects that we will present to you by doing ground survey and test surveys.

The best priority of our company is to win customer satisfaction with our reasonable prices and first class quality materials. Each of our steel construction employees has achieved success in their field and a team of experts has been established. We look forward to serving you with meticulous and careful work. As a company, we do our job with great care. We are working diligently to bring out what we love.


İzmir fortress decoration is excited to share its knowledge and experience with its valuable customers during its production over 15 years. Since the day it was founded, our company, which has expert staff in production of decoration and decoration, is doing complex house renovation office, store and office decorating works.

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